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What’s For Dinner?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I’m a huge fan of meal planning AND meal repurposing! You can cut your time in the kitchen down dramatically by repurposing leftovers.

Plan Dinner With Ease

When writing my food shopping list, I usually pick three proteins. For example: chicken, pork and salmon.

Rotisserie Chicken:

  • First Meal- Pair chicken with a veggie and brown rice

  • Second Meal- Shred the chicken and make chicken quesadillas with low fat cheese, whole wheat tortillas and salsa

  • Third Meal-Make a sandwich or a wrap with Chicken, roasted red peppers, low fat mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar

Slow Cooker Pulled pork

  • First Meal- pair Pulled pork with vegetable of choice and roasted potatoes

  • Second Meal- Use pulled pork to make a sandwich on a whole-wheat Bun with coleslaw

  • Third Meal- Pulled pork quinoa bowl with sliced red onion and avocado

Grilled Salmon

  • First Meal- Grilled salmon with whole Wheat couscous and vegetable of choice

  • Second Meal- Use leftover salmon to make salmon cakes on top of whole wheat English muffins

  • Third Meal- Use leftover salmon on top of a Greek salad

These suggestions are not protein specific. They can be swapped between each other or even for other proteins like beans or tofu.

I tend to prep ingredients instead of whole meals during my Sunday Food Prep. I’d rather cook chicken breasts that I can use 2 to 3 different ways during the week than cook a big casserole and have just that one option!

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